College Shapes the Future and Young Adults Offer No Silver Linings for Democrats

Politically conservative: South Dakota will remain a solid red state through the next generation if current trends remain steady, according to results of a new Dakota Poll. Young adults between the ages of 18 and 35 are slightly more liberal than the state’s overall population, but conservatives continue to hold a commanding advantage. 43% describe themselves as “very conservative (13%), somewhat conservative (20%), or leaning conservative (10%)”; nearly twice as many as the 24% who describe themselves as “very liberal (6%), somewhat liberal (11%), or leaning liberal…

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Results Suggest that Voters Would Support “Nebraska-Style” Non-Partisan Legislature

With only days remaining before the 2013 session of the South Dakota Legislature convenes, a new Dakota Poll survey of registered voters regarding public attitudes toward the state Legislature, suggests that a large majority of South Dakotans (60%-32%) believe that “politics in Pierre has become too partisan” and that the Legislature is doing an ineffective job of dealing with the most pressing issues facing the state.

Survey respondents also agreed, by a margin of 56% to 41%, that “the South Dakota legislature is controlled too much by lobbyists and special interests”.

Over the…

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By a margin of 67% to 30%, South Dakota voters say they intend to vote “Yes” on Initiated Measure #15 on the November ballot, to according to results of the new Dakota Poll. Measure 15 would raise the South Dakota sales tax one cent with the proceeds used to support public education and Medicaid.

The Dakota Poll was conducted by RBI Strategies and Research of Denver, Colorado between September 29-30. 400 “likely voters” were surveyed by telephone. The margin of error is 4.9%. All questions, topline results, and crosstabs are available at

Support for the sales tax crossed…

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Television remains king, but South Dakotans are actively using the internet and ‘smart phones” as sources of information in their daily lives according the a recent survey by The Dakota Poll, and mainstream traditional media is responding by developing its own online presence. The Poll was conducted in February and March by RBI Strategies and Research of Denver, Colorado. 461 South Dakotans were surveyed. The margin of error was 4.56.

81% of South Dakotans now have access to the internet at their home or work (52% have access at both locations). Access does not decline in…

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The South Dakota public school year begins this week, and a new survey paints a picture of broad parental satisfaction with the public schools in South Dakota. The results are consistent with Gallup polling which has consistently shown a gap between high levels of parental satisfaction and low levels of public satisfaction. (

Between August 7-9, 2011, the Dakota Poll surveyed 400 registered voters who are parents and grandparents of students in South Dakota public schools, to determine their attitudes towards the quality of education their children are receiving. The margin of error was 4.9%. The Dakota Poll

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Results from a new Dakota Poll of registered South Dakota voters who identify themselves as Tea Party supporters, reveals a group that is heavily Republican, but far more pragmatic and less anti-government or anti-tax than recent mainstream media portrayals have indicated.

By an overwhelming majority of 73%, poll respondents favored “imposing an extra one cent sales tax during the tourist season” as a means of balancing the state budget. Only 17% favored “cutting state aid to public schools and nursing homes.” On a similar question, respondents were asked if they favored or opposed an income tax increase of 5% “for…

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Results from the new DakotaPoll confirm what South Dakotans already know from discussions around the kitchen table. People are hurting. Despite popular headlines claiming that South Dakota has a low unemployment rate and has largely avoided the national recession, 51% of respondents to the inaugural edition of theDakota Poll say that they and their families have been negatively affected by the economy.

One in eight say the economy has affected them very negatively.

40% of the respondents to the DakotaPoll volunteered that the economy and problems related to the economy are “the most important issue facing South Dakota.”

While jobs and the…

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